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The old man with the long, long beard, curious and out-of-date robes, and twinkling eyes lived at the school for a time (traded in a glorious Ministry career to do so, forty years or so in) but even in those days kept a house with no stairs and endless guest rooms.

It was a…




Prince Harry and John Barrowman both do a mutual high five/ass slap combo omg

Can we just appreciate that John smacked Prince Harry’s royal ass so hard that the guy actually had to rub himself a little while John waves his hand

Can we just appreciate that John smacked Prince Harry’s royal ass 





I think most of their paycheck went to fixing the set

the 2nd gif is just great

I love how 10 years later and they’re still the exact same as their characters

Emma’s freaking out

Dan’s just like ‘put it back, pretend it didn’t happen’

And Rupert thinks it’s hilarious


 by kam wei


 by kam wei


Things Every Girl Should Know

The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.
Ayn Rand (via larmoyante)

When they made this particular hero, they didn’t give him a gun. They gave him a screwdriver to fix things. They didn’t give him a tank or a warship or an x-wing fighter—they gave him a box from which you can call for help. And they didn’t give him a superpower or pointy ears or a heat-ray—they gave him an extra HEART. They gave him two hearts! And that’s an extraordinary thing. There will never come a time when we don’t need a hero like the Doctor.”
Steven Moffat

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The Doctor smiles…

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